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어플리케이션 Sports Flood Lighting
장소 Gangneung Curling Center, Korea
설치제품 MSFA1K2
조명설치 GigaTera Technical Team
The Gangneung Curling Center* where the curling events will be held at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics is not a newly built facility, but rather a cultural indoor gymnasium located within the cultural athletic facility complex that was remodeled in 2016 in preparation for the Olympics in 2016.

Known as “chess on ice”, the curling event is the only of the ice events that is very sensitive to the conditions of the ice, and so the Gangneung Curling Center was fitted with a more robust dehumidifying, heating and cooling system than in other arenas for hockey or figure skating, and also includes the operation of 8 air management systems.

Then what is the relationship between the Curling Arena and the lighting?
Lighting that emits a lot of heat can effect the quality of the ice, and even when hung 16 meters above the ice, certain types of lighting definitely affect ice quality. With this in mind, the client decided to install LED lighting as a main source of lighting because of its relatively lower heat emissions when compared to metal halide lighting. And later, in the remodeling stage, GigaTera will use Sport Lighting SUFA-A 1.2kW products to light up this ice chess board.

As part of the trial event, the 2017 “VoIP Defender world junior curling contest” was held for 11 days from February 16th. At this event, the Korean junior team defeated the US junior team for the first time ever to finally seize the grand prize.
The Gangneung Curling Center is good example of the installation of LED lighting to in an arena that will be used in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. After installing the product, the vertical luminance of the product not only completely satisfied the OBS requirements, but also made this the very first GigaTera installation case where lighting was installed in an ice event arena.