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어플리케이션 Sports Flood Lighting
장소 Gangneung Oval, Korea
설치제품 MSFA1K2
조명설치 GigaTera Technical Team, AGRO
Originally, the Gangneung Oval* was set up with 1kW metal halide lighting products from another company. Although the design had already been completed, the metal halide lighting failed to meet the IOC or OBS requirements, and after 2 failed bids, the customer, the government of the Province of Gangwon-do, proceeded to switch to a LED lighting design.
There was a problem in determining how the arena would be used after the events, and this led to the civil engineering work being delayed compared to other arenas.

The customer (Province of Gangwon) was faced with the problem of not being able to find a vendor that could supply and install products in time for the trial event.
Amidst these challenges, several arenas had already been completed in the Alpensia Sports Park, and to ensure the operation of the events, customer chose GigaTera to proceed with the project to install sports lighting verified for its quality and stability.

At the request of the customer, GigaTera’s domestic partner company, Argo, performed the design for LED lighting, and since live broadcasts are especially important for the Olympics, the simulation was carefully performed to maximize the luminosity of a total of 18 cameras that include 13 main cameras and 5 super slow motion (SSM) cameras.

Korean and international experts who observed the test event gave feedback that it was an amazing achievement for a stadium that was constructed in such a short time. 452 units of the SUFA-A 1.2kW products were installed in the oval. In addition, GeSS lighting control solutions have been applied to enable individual and group control systems and event systems for lighting. After the successful completion of this test event, these systems have been used for competitions and other related events.

In addition to the concern that the metal halide lighting was unsuitable for the conditions to the oval, client wanted budget cuts in other areas to invest more effort in improving the quality of the oval ice. The client expressed satisfaction with the performance and functionality of GigaTera LED lighting. We anticipate that GigaTera lighting will contribute to creating an optimal oval environment and help athletes break many new records in the 2018 Winter Olympics.