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어플리케이션 Area Flood Lighting
장소 Dongnae Middle School, Busan, Korea
설치제품 MMA-NEO 600W
조명설치 GigaTera Technical Team, AGRO
In this project, 2 courts at the *Dongnae Middle School Tennis Courts in Busan were part of a project to improve the playing environment, and provide athletes with a pleasant playing environment. Usually, the MAHA 400W product is installed for tennis courts, however in this installation, the MAHA-NEO 600W project was installed to meet the international standards in luminance requested by the client.

The luminance standards of 800 lux (maximum/minimum ratio of 1.7:1 or lower) for the *preliminary match courts at the *Korean Tennis Association, were met perfectly, and the luminance standards of 1,250 lux (maximum/minimum ratio of 1.5:1 or lower) for the *final match courts achieved a brightness that closely matched the standards requested helping Dongnae Middle School tennis players train and play in an environment that feels much like that of professional matches.
This project is the first installation case for the MAHA-NEO 600W product on tennis courts, and we expect it could be used as a good reference for future installation cases.

* DongNae Middle School : a public middle school located in Myeong-ryun dong, Busan. The Dongnae Middle and High School are well known for their tennis programs that spare nothing in their efforts and investment towards discovering and training the best players.
* Korea Tennis Association : a group representing the tennis community in Korea, which was established on November 26, 1945 with the aim of promoting the sport of tennis, building ties among people, and creating mutual friendships built around tennis.
* Preliminary Match Court : court where the final or preliminary matches are held.
* Final Match Court : this court is where the audience can view tennis finals, and even final matches for smaller tournaments are held at a place which even allows for a winners-stand (riseman) ceremony to be held.